Convener Welcome

Convener Welcome

The Presidents Round Table has been faithful to its initial philosophy of supporting, guiding, advising, encouraging, and mentoring each other as African-American presidents and prospective leaders of the nation’s community colleges throughout its 37-year history.

The name and commitment of the thirty Founders, staunch men and women, will be remembered as trailblazers and groundbreakers for all who followed in their footsteps.

Over the years, the advocacy agenda grew to include the creation of the Thomas Lakin Institute for Mentored Leadership, designed to provide a week-long professional development opportunity for growing numbers of African-Americans aspiring to leadership roles.

More than 400 senior executives sat at the feet of the presidents to listen, learn, and develop their leadership skills. The Men of Color Student Leadership Institutes were created due to our dedication to increasing the achievement of men of color in the academy. More than 400 men and advisors have flown across the country to engage, lean in, and depend on one another to achieve their academic and community service goals. Our Founders’ work is still going on!

Dr. Kimberly Beatty