History of the Presidents' Round Table

Historical Context

In 1983, Dr. Charles Green was at a conference for college presidents and noticed the lack of representation of African-Americans. He created the Presidents’ Round Table as an affiliate of the National Council on Black American Affairs (NCBAA) to connect African-American Community College presidents and increase representation.

The first meeting of the PRT was held at Miami-Dade North, in Miami, Florida on September 27 and 28, 1983. It was established that meetings were held twice per year: in the spring, at the site of the Annual AACC convention, and in the fall at rotating member host colleges.

From the point of inception, the primary mission of The Round Table has been to provide African-American Community College presidents a professional operational network. In addition, the organization aims to address issues facing African-Americans in community colleges, provide mentoring and professional opportunities, and support the goals of its parent organization, the NCBAA.

The Genesis of PRT

At the April NCBAA Board of Directors meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Green indicated that there was a need for peer level correspondence. Presidents and Chief Executive Officers need an opportunity to share concerns and information. The proposed organization would pro- vide a base of support for NCBAA, the parent organization. An initial meeting was held at 1:00 P.M. on April 24, 1983; 15 persons out of a possible 50 group members attended. The group requested Dr. Green to seek recognition for the group from NCBAA, its parent organization. Dr. Rosetta Wheadon responded that the new organization is accommodated by the constitution.

Dr. Green placed calls to as many sitting African-American Community College Presidents and sought their cooperation in the creation of the new organization. It was agreed that the new organization would have no conflicts with the parent organization. It would share common goals and hold membership in the parent group.

"I was lonesome one day as I sat at my window, gazing out at 50 miles of desert. There was not a black face in sight. Shortly after- ward, I glanced through an AACC publication with pictures of community college presidents. As I fingered through the publication, a few persons—looking like me—appeared before my eyes. I immediately began calling them."

PRT Accomplishments

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