Our Executive Committee comprises a varied group of individuals who are all here to serve you

The Presidents’ Round Table (PRT) is an organization of African American presidents and CEOs, founded in 1983 with the goal of providing professional resources and mentoring opportunities to African-American Community College Presidents. We are an affiliate organization of the National Council on Black American Affairs – an affiliate organization of the American Association of Community Colleges

Since its establishment in 1983, the PRT has offered an operational network that includes leadership development, mentorship, and coaching for African-American presidents and those wanting to be presidents while supporting the goals of the National Council on Black American Affairs. 

The Presidents’ Round Table seeks to ensure equal access to opportunities for members and Black CEOs by leveraging their combined knowledge, networks, and experience. We promote professional growth and, on occasion, legislation to ensure that all Blacks have equal access to a community college education.


The PRT is dedicated to offering Black Community College Presidents an operation network that:

  • Identifies and addresses issues that affect Black students in community colleges;
  • Provides mentoring opportunities for Blacks;
  • Shares professional resources;
  • Provides other national and international professional opportunities for Black CEOs; and
  • Supports the goals and objectives of the National Council on Black American Affairs.

Our Objectives

The PRT is dedicated to offering Black Community College Presidents an operation network that:

  • Monitors and reviews injustice in the provision of educational services to Black students and services provided to Blacks in Community College Education;
  • Promotes Black CEOs’ professional development and advancement;
  • Provides formal and informal mentoring opportunities for Blacks within the CEO’s institution;
  • Establishes internships among member institutions, when possible, to provide opportunities for Blacks to gain practical administrative experiences;
  • Helps members in their responsibilities by sharing published and unpublished resources such as speeches, statistical data, and research findings; 
  • Creates a third-world/nation support package focusing on existing and developing technology for appropriate nations to employ, as required;
  • Annually plans and holds two (2) meetings – One meeting will be held in conjunction with AACC, and the other will be held at a time and location determined by the Time and Place Committee each year; and
  • Seeks funding for special projects as agreed by the Presidents’ Round Table.

Convener Welcome

The Presidents’ Round Table has been faithful to its initial philosophy of supporting, guiding, advising, encouraging, and mentoring each other as African-American presidents and prospective leaders of the nation’s community colleges throughout its 37-year history.

The name and commitment of the thirty Founders, staunch men and women, will be remembered as trailblazers and groundbreakers for all who followed in their footsteps.

Dr. L. Marshall Washington

Dr. Kimberly Beatty

Dr. Greg Thomas

Dr. Jermaine Ford

Immediate Past Convener and Dean of Lakin Institute

Chancellor, Metropolitan Community College

Vice Convener

Senior Consultant – R.H. Perry and Associates


President – Florence-Darlington Technical College, South Carolina

Dr. Tia Robinson-Cooper

Dr. CharMaine Hines

Dr. Quintin Bullock


Chancellor, Ivy Tech Community College South Bend-Elkhart Campus

Membership Chair

Vice Chancellor of Academic Accountability & Policy – Wayne County Community College District, Michigan

Dean of Men of Color Leadership Student Institute

President, Community College of Allegheny County