Strategic Plan


Dr. L Marshall Washington

Convener's Message

For nearly 40 years, The Presidents’ Roundtable (PRT) has provided a network for African American leaders in higher education. In the beginning, the founder, Dr. Chuck Green, sought to provide support for African American leaders with the sole purpose of improving the success of those leaders and the African American students they serve. I am pleased to say that we still adhere to that original mission. Annually, the PRT offers the Lakin Institute for Mentored Leadership and the Men of Color Student Leadership Institute. The question is, can we, or rather, should we do more? After conversations with our membership, the answer is yes! If we want different results, we have to do things differently.

The PRT is a collective of powerful voices that can have broader impact—this fact was impetus for revisiting the strategic direction of the PRT. Our approach for the development of this strategic plan included:

  • Revisiting the operational plan from 2016
  • Revisiting the operational plan from the 2019 retreat
  • Hosting listening sessions with our membership
  • Gathering additional input from the membership during the Fall 2020 Business Meeting

The results of these inputs have informed the strategic themes, goals, objectives and tactics for the PRT Strategic Plan 2021-2024. Our goal is to reimagine the organization and leverage its membership to create an intentional mission: strengthen and develop Black leaders in community colleges to transform the landscape of higher education.

It will take all of us to make achieve our mission. Our hope is that you will partner with the Executive Committee to implement this ambitious, but attainable strategic plan.

PRT's Mission

The PRT is dedicated to offering Black Community College Presidents an operation network that:

  • Identifies and addresses issues that affect Black students in community colleges;
  • Provides mentoring opportunities for Blacks;
  • Shares professional resources;
  • Provides other national and international professional opportunities for Black CEOs; and
  • Supports the goals and objectives of the National Council on Black American Affairs.

PRT's Vision

The PRT is the premier organization that supports current and aspiring Black community college presidents and CEOs to realize their full potential and lead institutions in the most equitable way through advocacy, networking, professional development, and mentorship opportunities for members and their students.

PRT's Values

  • Equity
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Professional Development
  • Student Success (for students of color)

Strategic Themes and Goals

Strategic Theme: Organizational Vitality

Strategic Goal: The PRT will build organizational capacity to sustain the mission and vision for its members

  1. Establish a sustainable organizational infrastructure

  2. Identify opportunities to diversify revenue streams

  3. Bolster technology to advance the mission and vision of the PRT


Strategic Theme: Advocacy

Strategic Goal: The PRT will develop and implement an advocacy agenda to support the members and students of color

  1. Develop programs or presentations to be considered for sponsorship and co- sponsored by PRT for national and regional organizations (AACC, NCORE, NCBAA, ACE or others)

  2. Connect future actions of the organization, where appropriate, to the AACC competencies

  1. Develop an entrepreneurial approach to partnering with businesses, organizations, philanthropies, and government agencies that help sustain PRT members and students

  2. Develop an equity lens for the organization focused on its members and students of color

  3. Create a network of thought leaders to drive public policy in statewide and national issues that affect community colleges

  4. Implement resource database of resources for presidents (i.e. union negotiations, board relations, etc.)


Strategic Theme: Professional Development

Strategic Goal: The PRT will continue to create intentional, strategic opportunities for professional development anchored in the AACC Core Competencies and designed to support the members and students of color

  1. Continue to invest in the brand and curriculum of the Lakin Institute

  2. Provide ongoing education and training opportunities for PRT members in

    relevant and timely areas in the industry

  3. Continue to enhance the leadership development for students of color


Strategic Theme: Membership Benefits and Engagement

Strategic Goal: The PRT will develop and implement a communication and engagement strategy designed to sustain and grow the membership

  1. Develop a robust communication plan via social media or similar modalities

  2. Leverage the talents of the membership to broaden and elevate the mission and vision of the PRT

  3. Develop a member engagement plan via virtual or in-person activities/events