Concept of Fit

By Dr. Julius R. Brown, President Emeritus, November 2000

The concept of “FIT” simply means attempting to develop a match between the characteristics of an individual and the requirements of the job. I encourage every job seeker, for their own good, to earnestly evaluate whether a prospective position “fits”.

To analyze the specific factors of each job prospect, I have developed a Fit Form.

Special Considerations

Religion – Sex – Ethnic or Race – Age

None should be a barrier to gaining upward mobility.

What FIT Does Not Mean

  • Violations of ethical or moral standards.
  • Violation of law or institutional policy.
  • Buying acceptance through financial or special favors.
  • While ability to fit into the social interactions of the work place is important, substantial non-voluntary association beyond the job should not be a requirement.

FIT Advice

  • Interview the selectors as they interview you.
  • There are any number of reasons why an applicant might not get a job or promotion. Look for the cause but don’t take it as a rejection or permanent condition.
  • Some skills are only sharpened by the number of experiences – i.e. interviews.
  • Major recommendation and conclusion: Seeking an appropriate “FIT” is in the interest of everyone involved. It makes for job satisfaction for the employee and lessens the required supervision by the manager. Job seekers often only focus on one or two aspects and do not consider the whole set of factors. Finally, the fit can avoid a host of heartaches and good career placement.