Carolyn Grubbs Williams
Leadership Development Institute

The NCBAA prepares African Americans in community colleges for leadership roles to ensure that the pipeline to executive-level positions is fluid. In keeping with its mission, NCBAA presents Leadership Development Institute for African American Mid-Level Administrators.

Participants chosen for LDI will be entirely involved in leadership activities, including some evenings, for the whole week. NCBAA will utilize an interactive method to facilitate focused dialogue on community college issues about leadership, ethics, diversity and inclusiveness, global awareness, technology and institutional change and development. In addition, all sessions are planned and designed to develop and improve leadership qualities for the present and future.

Furthermore, distinguished community college leaders facilitate all sessions. Benefits include networking opportunities with African American leaders and Lakin participants, research opportunities, and complimentary membership to NCBBA and its regional affiliates.


NCBAA is dedicated to providing an outstanding leadership development program for African Americans in community colleges to improve their leadership skills and provide professional and personal development opportunities. The Institute is committed to:

  • Enhancing career and professional development opportunities for African American mid-level administrators in community colleges.
  • Developing national and international collaborative relationships with higher education institutions that have common goals for its workforce’s professional growth and upward mobility.
  • Networking to maximize the upward mobility of African Americans in community colleges, including administrators, faculty, staff, and others transitioning to community colleges.
  • Ensuring the articulation of positions on issues affecting African Americans in the formulation of policy and decision-making.